Александър Антонов, „Сарандапорският летопис от XVI век“

 Александър Антонов, „Сарандапорският летопис от XVI век“, Издателство: „Артидея“, С., 2015, 83 с. (ISBN: 9789547640528)

ALBANIA: Wilson. - Time, Monday, Aug. 25, 1924, електронен архив


Monday, Aug. 25, 1924


ALBANIA: Joust. - Time, Monday, Dec. 22, 1924, електронен архив


Monday, Dec. 22, 1924


There is nothing more natural, especially in a backward country, than a desire of an ousted Premier to turn around and oust the fellow who ousted him.

ALBANIA: Albania. - Time, Saturday, Apr. 14, 1923, електронен архив

ALBANIA: Albania

Saturday, Apr. 14, 1923

ALBANIA: King Job. - Time, Monday, Apr. 07, 1924, електронен архив


Monday, Apr. 07, 1924

ALBANIA: Man-Sized Revolt. - Time, Monday, June 23, 1924, електронен архив

ALBANIA: Man-Sized Revolt

Monday, June 23, 1924

Since the third week of May, Albania has been the field of many battles. These may be said to have culminated during the past week with the establishment of a National Provisional Government at Tirana under the Premiership of Bishop Fan Stylian Noli, Harvard graduate.

ALBANIA: A Constitution Coming. - Time, Monday, Feb. 11, 1924, електронен архив

ALBANIA: A Constitution Coming

Monday, Feb. 11, 1924

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