ALBANIA: King Job. - Time, Monday, Apr. 07, 1924, електронен архив


Monday, Apr. 07, 1924

The crown of Albania has twice been offered to Americans, once to Jerome Bonaparate of Manhattan; once to a millionaire said to be Harry F. Sinclair. Last week, Ulysses Grant-Smith (TIME, Dec. 24), American Minister at Tirana, announced that a wandering millionaire strolled into his office to see if that there king job was still open to a live bird with plenty of dough.

The millionaire's name was mercifully withheld. He arrived in Tirana, quite rich, utterly uneducated. He told the Minister that he had dreamed he was to be King of Albania, had crossed the ocean to see if there was anything in dreams. A friend got him out of the capital. Since then nothing has been heard of the man who would be king.