THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS: At Geneva. - Time, XII 14, 1925, електронен архив


Many a great statesman prepared to speed toward Geneva last week, as preparations for the December session of the Council of the League of Nations reached their final stage. Early comers were greeted by the following development:

Guilty Greece. The special Commission sent to fix responsibility for the Greco-Bulgar unpleasantness (TIME, Nov. 2, 9) issued a printed report last week laying the entire blame for the invasion of Bulgarian territory by Greek troops upon Greece. The report recommended to the Council of the League of Nations that Greece pay an indemnity of 20,000,000 leva ($146,000) to cover the material losses suffered by the Bulgarians, and 10,000,000 leva as restitution due the Bulgarian Government for "loss of lives, loss of working days, moral suffering by the population and the costs incurred" in taking military measures.

Further, the report urged that neutral officers be placed in charge of the forces guarding frontiers in the Balkans, and that the machinery for a "Conciliation Commission" to function in case of hostile incidents along the frontiers be prepared and held in readiness. Similarly the report urged that special transport and communication facilities be accorded by the governments of the Balkans to officials of the League in the event of another war scare.